Budget Dental Not Participating in Recession

AP Network Feed: 12/19/12 1900hrs Zulu:

Budget Dental is reportedly NOT participating in the Recession. We’re not sure if these rumors are true, but, if they are, this marks a giant departure from the widely accepted ‘Woe Is Me’ victim status that many of their competitors enjoy, especially in Las Vegas. The delusional Team Members of Budget Dental must not have TV and Internet—Don’t they know the heavy storm clouds this country is under, what with the double-dip Depression, Taxageddon, and the looming Fiscal Cliff?

Renowned Prof. Brian S. Erudities, of UC Berkeley’s Dept of Pedantry, has studied the situation extensively, and now is 97.43% sure that Budget Dental of Las Vegas is, collectively, suffering an esoteric disorder known as SOF (Ship O Fools) syndrome, and that, though the exact cause cannot be determined, he is sure it’s related to “something really big.” He ominously points out the “sheer lunacy” of Budget Dental’s relentless expansion in the face of overwhelming odds, as evidence of their “sheer lunacy.” “How can they be adding new 3D imaging machines, and opening up two new, all digital, dental operatories when the rest of their competition is contracting, or assuming room temperature as we speak? I am asking the generous tax payers of California to fund a full investigation, to the tune of …..ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!”

We’ll have more on this fast breaking story as more facts emerge. Until then, stay calm and check BudgetDental.com, unique in the industry for posting their low prices ONLINE.