Internet Cafe at Budget Dental in Las Vegas


Superabundance is what Las Vegas is all about, and Budget Dental is no exception. Just last year we found ourselves with an embarrassment of excess computational power, a veritable solution looking for a problem… So, naturally, we tried searching for extraterrestrial life with SETI@home,..didn’t find anything yet. We mined for Bitcoins; it was fun, but after several weeks we had only earned .190124 Bitcoins which wasn’t enough to pay for the power our CPU’s were feeding on. We even tried donating CPU time to charity, but were advised we could be in violation of HIPPA laws, so we ceased and desisted.

  Well, we came up with two fresh alternatives: either help search for the Higgs boson, or…Internet Cafe. When news came out that scientists at CERN had beat to the God Particle, that’s when we knew our customers were getting internet computers in the lobby. Chrome/Firefox/IE, headphones, wireless keyboards and mice. Combined with highly charged Keurig coffee, it turned out to be a hit with our customers.

 Following review guidelines: 


  • The internet cafe is free.
  •  Everyone seems to like it.
  • The columbian coffee is better than Starbucks, and it’s free.
  •  Everyone seems to like it, too.


  • Some people don’t realize the Logitech keyboards are wireless, so instead of lying back in their chairs we see them hunched forward with their faces practically against the screens.
  • The integrated trackpads are great, but most folks don’t realize there’s a mouse ‘drag’ button on the upper-left of the keyboard which makes it all worth while.
  • Reading about N.Korea prepping it’s nuke rockets isn’t a great way to relax before seeing our very gentle dentists.

So, …. 5 STARS, for overall fun. We hope you’ll come in and try it out, brew your own individual coffees, and kick your feet up. You can even check our low online prices at while you’re doing it.