Bitcoins have arrived at Budget Dental

Why We Love, Accept, and Encourage using Bitcoins at Budget Dental 

 First of all, if you’ve ever been to our practice, you’ve seen how fascinated we are with technology. Our internet cafe, free WiFi, our lasers, Digital Panoramic xrays, our investment in the latest DSLR’s, Dental Microscopes, HD intra-oral cameras, etc. Even more importantly, our Dentists are forever flying out for training and seminars on the very latest in dentistry… 

 So, it only follows that we are going ‘all in’ on this fantastic new currency technology. We are hoping to attract Bitcoin customers by offering 5 percent off any procedure with the use of bitcoins. Why? What’s in it for us? If you could see our monthly ‘merchant fee’ for accepting credit cards, you’d  know,’s in the thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of fees! We could lower our prices even more for all the money we spend in credit card fees. Yes, credit cards are ubiquitous, mostly safe, user friendly; We are going to still take them, obviously,..but as our Bitcoin transactions increase, we will pay less in credit card fees and pass the savings on to you, our customers.

Being the first dental practice in the world to accept Bitcoins is going to be a lot of fun, and hopefully you will take advantage of the fact that we’re right in your backyard,..Las Vegas. Please take the time to peruse our awards in our website’s gallery! Then grab your bitcoin wallet and come on down! 

Here’s some useful sites if you’re just learning about Bitcoins. But don’t get too crazy about all the tech jargon,..the best way to get started is to get a free bitcoin wallet on your smartphone, buy a few coins,..and spend them at a local merchant that takes them (hint, hint,..HINT, HINT,…ok, like US, for example)

–Places in Vegas that use Bitcoins, and more:

–a popular Bitcoin Wallet for your Android: the BitcoinSpinner app

–a lovely spot for all your dental needs: