Your Tijuana Dental Work is an Infected Mess….Doh!

by Norman Cutter, MT ASCP,

Ok, you’re back in Vegas, fresh from your Mexican Dental vacation. You saved a ton of $$ on that new bridge, dentures, implants, crowns,..but now you’re having big problems. Such as:
-Malocclusion: you might have noticed this on the drive back from TJ, as the anesthesia was wearing off. Your teeth don’t ‘close’ right. It feels strange, like you’re wearing someone else’s teeth. The long term result of malocclusion is TMJ damage–this is something you need to have fixed ASAP! There is a form of TMJ damage they actually call the ‘suicide syndrome’…because the pain becomes 24/7 and intractable. If your bite feels ‘weird’ from your TJ dental tourism, Join the Club! This is very common! Your unregulated Dentista can’t be expected to do the myriad adjustments from 361 miles away from Las Vegas,..and anyway, why would he? Unlike USA dentists, he’s got zero malpractice liability, which means you are SOL (sol means “sun”in sunny Mexico). Or, to quote the penultimate governor of California:   “Hasta la vista, baby…”
But, we can help you. We can usually fix the dreaded TJ Malocclusion in one visit at minimal cost to you. Come on down!
-Infection: that redness, pain, heat, swelling isn’t “going away” like you hoped. So, you wait another week, and the PAIN is just worse. Why? There’s no FDA, OSHA, Centers for Disease Control, etc, in Tijuana. Everyone knows you can’t drink the water down there; what made you think an unregulated TJ ‘Dentista’ was going to be any more sanitary than the filthy sewage he washes his hands and instruments with? The good news is: antibiotics. The bad news is: You got your infection in Mexico, where antibiotics are handed out like Tic-Tacs over the counter, so there’s a grand possibility your bug is a Superbug, in a multiple drug resistant bacteria, like MRSA,  VRE, Klebsiella,  Clostridium or Pseudomonas species. You might even have got Legionnaires Disease from the unregulated dental waterline. We, at, can help. Let us diagnose your infected jaw and gums ASAP! Let’s get you on the road to recovery,..before, say, osteonecrosis sets in, and you need a costy titanium mandible.  Call 702 220 8488 for an emergency appt today!
–Substandard dental materials:  That’s a given. Your unregulated mouth is now full of foreign materials that wouldn’t pass US minimum regulations–THAT’S why you went to TJ in the first place, to get the cheap stuff. The problem is: a lot of this dreck comes from unregulated dental labs in China and elsewhere. In the States, we use corrosion-resistant  precious ‘noble’ metals in dental work–like palladium, platinum, gold, silver –most of it is hidden under the ceramics, so you’re probably not aware of it,..But that’s why your US made crown lasts forever, won’t poison you, and costs a lot. The junk you probably got in TJ is, at best, only mildly poisonous alloy from China. You, intrepid dental tourist, might actually now have lead in your unregulated mouth, so try to stay away from citrus fruit, coke, sweet tarts, alcohol, seminal fluids, kissing, smoking,  or anything that tastes sour-ish for the next, say, 40 years,..anything that might solubilize that toxic lead into your saliva, where you will, if you’re a swallower (seminal fluids, for example), really regret it.. Symptoms of chronic lead poisoning from tainted dental work made in unregulated foreign labs can include such minor annoyances as brain damage and death,  and even yukky breath.There’s also a chance your mouth now has radiation. Recent studies indicate that both lead and radiation poisoning are ‘negative indicators’ for longevity in baboons, so this could also be a cause for concern for you and your heirs.
–Dental implant failure, ill-fitting dentures, wobbly bridges and crowns, etc.: Making and installing dental appliances is not Plug and Play, it’s high precision artwork that almost always requires follow-up visits for touch-ups and adjustments. Your Baja Dentista might be an adequate clinician, but he’s 24 HOURS Traveling Time from Vegas,..including the round trip drive to San Yrsido, getting back and forth across the border, and navigating thru the  labyrinth of crooked cops, crooked taxistas, street hustlers, pick-pockets, whores, cut throats, and filthy hotel water.. So, there’s basically no way you’re getting the necessary follow up treatment to make it all work. The ‘standard of care’ is nowhere, mon frer, when your dentista is “over there”,..and that’s why you’re probably reading this. You want your mouth like it was in the good ol’ days, and THAT is what Budget Dental of Las Vegas wants for you: Let’s put this harmonic convergence to good use–won’t you please call 702 220 8488 today.
–In Summary: Obviously we don’t recommend dental tourism to our 2,500,000 potential customers in Las Vegas. It’s a mine field, for all the above reasons, and more. We know this because we’ve been fixing the collateral damage for years. But, if you go and come back to find your Baja Grill is rusting, falling apart, tasting like lead fishing weights, looking and/or smelling gross,..Stop Dating immediately and call the Vegas branch of at 702 220 8488. We’ll get you back in the game faster than you can say…. Chipotle!

Well, hopefully you found this jaw-dropping article of some interest. After cut and pasting it for your term paper, why not share your A grade with us at We’d love that!