Does Your Dentist Have This?

We love Kids! Bring ’em on. Our Kids Room features Netflix and Angry Birds, a drawing table, tons of stuffed animals. That should keep ’em busy during your appointment. Our dentist is renowned for her gentle touch with children, and our Pediatric Dentistry enjoys many word-of-mouth referrals. And no Kid leaves our premises without a trip to the Treasure Toy Box!

Our Dentist graduated at the top of her Dental School. Magna Cum Laude. We are honored to have the finest dentist in Nevada right here at Budget Dental. Imagine how jealous your friends are going to be when you tell them YOUR new Dentist is one of the only Magna Cum Laude dentists in the whole state of Nevada!

We do Water Quality in house, and we take it seriously. Our system uses 3 sets of filtration and a Reverse Osmosis stage. As a final treatment, our water is sent through an Ultra Violet channel to further sterilize our Dental Water. Finally, water is sampled frequently from our operatories for biological testing by our full-time Medical Technologist.

Zoom is a great whitening system. We have 2nd Generation Zoom, which is even better. (note: no innocent kids were harmed during the filming of this pic! the machine’s not even on. That’s our little friend, Leo; I guess you could call him a professional Model. He demanded a trip to the Treasure toy box for this photo shoot. And he got it.)

Budget Dental is the only practice in the USA to have a full time Nevada Licensed General Supervisor Clinical Laboratory Technologist on staff! His background in Microbiology, Virology, and Chemistry serves us well, in that he is in charge of our Sterilization of instruments, Disinfection, and Infection Control programs. Norm ensures that all CDC guidelines are strictly followed, and that our staff is fully trained on the latest in Infection Control.

Budget Dental has EVERYTHING under one roof. Ortho, Endo, Cosmetic, General, Implantology, Bone Grafting, Imaging. Take a look at this Panoramic Digital Xray: Note the two new implants on the left. What is Remarkable is they are implanted by Dr Cutter into freshly grafted synthetic bone! This is the absolute latest technology, and is indicative of the depth of Dr Cutter’s dental prowess. Note the extraction site on the lower right. That obvious loss of bone will be also be built up with a graft before it receives an implant